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Keeping you playing and getting you back to your sport!!

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Kailey Smith

Growing up mainly in Nova Scotia, Kailey graduated from Acadia University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. During her time at Acadia, she worked alongside the Acadia Axemen Football team where she found her passion for athletic therapy. She continued her education at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB, in the Advanced Certificate program in Athletic Therapy which set her up to write and pass the National Certification Exam after graduating. Kailey is also a registered yoga teacher and has decided to further her education in manual osteopathy while continuing to work full-time. 


Growing up, Kailey was on Team Canada for gymnastics which fostered her passion for health and wellness setting her on the path she is now. She feels that her extensive background in sport has allowed her to connect with her clients from the perspective of a high-level athlete and as a clinician. Her goal with her clients is always to get them back to what they love doing as safely and quickly as possible.


With a combined work and personal experience with gymnastics, hockey, rugby, football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, running, and more, Kailey is eager to work with athletes of all kinds. 


When Kailey is not treating clients in clinic or on field, you can find her teaching yoga in the Southwest of Calgary, out for a run, or cuddling with her dog, Daisy, and cat, Henry. 


Whether Kailey is in the clinic, or flowing in the yoga studio, her favourite part about what she does is seeing the joy on people's faces as they experience movement that feels good for them! 

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