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Be it one-on-one, small groups, or large corporate functions we offer a variety of training options that help people achieve goals, get fit, learn how to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle and have fun doing it.



Athletic Director



B.Sc - Applied Nutrition

Unbeatable Mind Academy - SEALFIT Graduate Specialist in Corrective exercise

Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Exercise Therapy Specialist

Specialist in Sports Nutrition


18 + years in the fitness industry

Various Roles and Positions:

BRP (Ski-doo) - International Athletic Director (snowcross) - 3 years

4 Pro championships

2 Sport Championships

ISOC team of the year

Yamaha Motor USA - Director of Athlete Development - 2 years

1 Pro championship

top finishing 4 stroke at X-games

Motopark (County Line / Owen sound) - Athletic Director - 6 years

4 top Canadian Amateur awards 

Top academy program 

Crash Conditioning - Sports Nutritionist / Strength Coach - 5 years

Athletic Development Centre - Team / Athletic Direcor - 3 years

Pro-X Rugby Academy - Head of JR. Strength and Conditioning - 2 year



We sit down with the client to determine / discuss their goals, then assess them to determine individual needs, ultimately building a training that takes into account their work, goals, and needs thus giving them the tools to achieve their goals. All training is done in our custom studio, with certain plans offering 'homework'.

Physical Education
Physical Education Programs


A list of some the programs we specialize in:

  • SAQ - Speed/Agility/Quickness

  • Intro weightlifting 

  • Intro conditioning

  • Intermediate/advanced weightlifting and conditioning

  • Kettlebell/dumbbell education

  • Movement pattern development

  • Long term athletic development

  • Sport specific training

  • Fitness/nutrition seminars



Group training takes advantage of having friends / colleagues and other like minded people around you to help push you to the next level. Groups up to 5 people are done in our custom studio, larger groups are organized at other locations.


A list of some the services we offer:

  • Meal Planning

  • Diet tracking and analysis 

  • Sports performance nutrition

  • Nutrition Seminars

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