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CODY Ehrmann

Cody is our Football Skills director. He works with and develops programs for our High School, University and professional Football players.


We believe that strength drives all human movement and developing strength and proper movement We believe that correct technique is the only

acceptable technique.
We believe that consistency is key to obtaining excellent results.
We believe in well-planned program design.
We believe in being very selective in who we accept into our training, large numbers of members is not appealing to us. 

Some say don't sweat the small stuff and we believe there isnt any small stuff; it all matters.

Pay Attention!

Sweat it!

When training for a sport, the requirements are very clear.

Our goal is not to improve all physical attributes of fittness equally.

Our intention is to improve the most vital biomarkers for ultimate success in that sport...Posture, Stability, Power,

Speed, and the ability to move through space.

We train the specialist.




When it comes to working with Drew the results should speak for themselves. I've spent nearly 4 months with him and have since broken plateaus I was struggling to get through for the past 2-3 years.

Unlike most trainers, Drew looks after the nutrition side of things that is often overlooked. He goes above and beyond sacrificing his free time to make sure his athletes are given the very best each and every day.

When he’s unable to attend or is working on an athlete’s development out of his area of expertise he is certain to bring in the very best guest coaches to ensure his athletes are given the very best.

I've spent my share of time with a number of strength coaches and Drew is nothing short of the very best, it continues to baffle me how this is overlooked. Just know when working with Drew you're in the best of hands.


KELTON BAILEY - Receiver / U of C Dino - USPORT

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