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In this section you will find some of our articles, these articles are from MXP, OSM, ATV World and various sites that I write for on the internet. Come back often and keep up to date!!!

Embrace the suck !!!!!

This article talks about realistic goal setting and dealing with the process of reaching our goals.

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Importance of sleep

This article address why sleep is so important and how lack of sleep can greatly affect our performance.

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Becoming a champion.

This article gives a brief overview of some key points that I have seen and help the champions I have worked with incorporate into their routines.

Mental Toughness

This article gives a brief overview and discusion on mental toughness.

Nutritional Enviroment

This article talks about how to build a nutritionally sound environment, and includes simple easy meal ideas. Talks to parents as to how to empower their children as well.

Conditioning / Agility

Mavericks U-18 boys conditioning / agility drills prior to the ARC - 2018

Static stretching

Downlaod this step by step guide, showing you how to static stretch properly.

Dynamic warm-up

Downlaod this step by step guide, showing you how to warm-up properly.

Food tracking

Download this eacy form to track and calculate your daily intake.


This article address why recovery is so important and offers some advice and tips to how to recover better.

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Shin Splints

This article briefly explains what shin splints are and gives you some guide lines to help prevent and treat shin splints.


Overhead Squat;

Dealing with shoulder mobility, in order to get you one step closer to being able to overhead squat:


Immune Support

Add these foods to help keep you healthy, read more:


Goblet Squat

One of the best squat patterns out there.

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Recovery techniques

Recovery is often over looked in terms of training, here are some techniques to help ensure you're on track;


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